Mr Atul Temurnikar

The intensity of progress the world over today has made it essential for students to foster talent and skill sets which are effective across diverse cultures. At Global Schools Foundation (GSF), we believe in building a strong foundation for students, right from the nursery level, by inculcating global values and preparing them to face emerging challenges.

At GSF, we measure the continual improvement of our students, through the 7S Analysis proprietary statistical model,developed by us. We are able to proactively predict the results of students in all spheres of learning and execute action plans to ensure that every child is taken to the next level of competency through the 7S Analysis.

In February 2013, GIIS won the prestigious Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award (GPIPSA) 2012 by the Institute of Directors for 7S Analysis. And recently, for the third consecutive time in a row, all three GIIS campuses in Singapore have been recognised by Asia Pacific Quality Organisation (APQO) with awards for excellence in education.

The Global School Nine Gems model initiated in Singapore has proved pivotal for GIIS students. We can proudly say that our graduates are equipped with the best understanding and excellence techniques - be it in academics or co-curricular. We look forward to seeing the best of our students' achievements across all spheres of learning.

Atul Temurnikar
Chairman and Co-founder
Global Schools Foundation (GSF)