Educational Excellence

We are strongly focused on educational excellence. We follow the best practices in education like the adaptation of the USA based Malcolm Baldrige excellence standards or our proprietary teaching methods like Nine Gems. Our commitment to excellence is borne by the numerous awards won for educational excellence and the fact that our students are coveted by leading universities of the world.

Holistic Development

To help learners remain current and competitive in a developing society, we emphasize extended learning. Instead of rote, it is the concept of ‘life long learning’, that ensures that students stay updated and knowledgeable, today and in the future. Learning is facilitated through a well-designed pedagogy that is interactive and experiential. The focus is on the development of Multiple Intelligences, Emotional Skills and Life Skills of the learners for their integrated, holistic growth and development.

Global Education

We are committed to providing education that gives learners the independence and competence to share their individual perspective across the larger canvas of a borderless society. We also believe that this should eventually lead towards responsible global citizenship and new ways of resolving conflicting issues.