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Following are some frequently asked questions by parents with regards to academics, admissions, extracurricular activities, and other miscellaneous topics:


  1. What is the age criterion for entry into Nursery, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2?
    Nursery: Two and a half (2.5) years or above
    Kindergarten 1: Three (3) years or above as on 31st March of the relevant year
    Kindergarten 2: Four (4) years or above as on 31st March of the relevant year

    Please be advised that promotion to K1 will be subject to the child having attained the age of three (3) or more as on 31st March of the relevant year. If not, the child will continue in Nursery and will get promoted to K1 in the next academic year

  2. In case of transfer to another GIIS campus, will the admission fee be charged again?
    In such cases, 50% discount in the registration fee will be given to all GIIS students transferring to another GIIS campus. Admission will be guaranteed even when admissions are closed for non-GIIS students.


  1. What curricula does GIIS offer in Singapore?
    GIIS offers the following curricula:
      IB Diploma
      Global Montessori Plus Programme

  2. How many terms are there in one academic year?
    There are two (2) semesters/terms in one academic year.

  3. When does the academic year commence?
    The academic year for all classes begins in the month of April. For IB Diploma students, classes commence in the month of July.

  4. Are students required to carry bags to school?
    Students are required to carry books and any stationary, as required, according to the day's timetable. The school provides a locker facility for students, wherein they can store their books and other belongings.

  5. Are students given homework?
    Homework is an integral part of teaching and serves to further reinforce what has been taught in class. Homework will be minimal and not stressful.

  6. Will there be any enrichment classes in school?
    Yes, enrichment classes are a part of the daily school timetable.

  7. What are the languages offered in GIIS?
    All mainstream classes are conducted using English as the medium of instruction. Hindi, Tamil and French are offered as options for second language.

  8. What co-curricular activities are organised by the GIIS schools?
    GIIS campuses conduct a wide range of co-curricular activities. The list of activities organised at each campus can be viewed by visiting the 'Activities' link under 'School'.

  9. Is there any additional charge for students to undertake extra or co curricular activities?
    There is no additional charge for participation in extra or co-curricular activities. It is all inclusive in the fees.

  10. What options will the school offer for the third language?
    A 'three language programme' is a feature of all GIIS campuses. The school offers a choice of four languages to choose as a third language: Hindi, Tamil, French and Sanskrit.

  11. Does the school encourage inter-house and inter-school competitions?
    GIIS' unique teaching methodology, Global School Nine Gems Model, facilitates holistic development and all-round character building of a child. GIIS organises a host of sports and extra-curricular events. Inter-house and inter-school level competitions are held throughout the academic year, to foster the spirit of healthy competition and sportsmanship amongst students.

  12. Are educational excursions a part the school's academic calendar?
    Yes, excursions and educational trips are a part of the active learning process at GIIS campuses. These will be organised on a regular basis as indicated on the school calendar.

School Practices & Facilities

  1. What are the regular school timings?
    School timings are as follows:
    Kindergarten and Nursery: 9:00am – 12:30pm
    Classes 1 and above: 9:00am – 3:30pm

  2. Does the school provide transport for students?
    The school has an efficient transport system in place for students who need to avail of the facility.

  3. Does the school have a canteen on campus?
    The school has a canteen, where students can purchase their snacks and meals.

  4. What are the sports facilities provided by the school?
    GIIS has a strong infrastructure in place to facilitate and support sports activities. The campus is equipped with world-class facilities for tennis, table tennis, badminton and 400 meter synthetic athletic track.

  5. In case of a medical emergency, how will the school take care of my child?
    In keeping with international standards, an in-house medical nurse is present at all times during school hours in order to attend to minor injuries and medical emergencies. For major emergencies, the student will be taken to the nearby hospital and parents will be informed simultaneously.

  6. Will the school cater to children with special needs?
    The school does admit children who have borderline learning needs. An in-house behavioural counsellor is present, for addressing minor learning and behavioural needs.

  7. Does the school have a child counsellor?
    Yes, the school has a child counsellor who is professionally trained to understand, empathise and discuss any problem or situation with children. All discussions with the counsellors are strictly confidential.

  8. What is the best way to pay tuition fees?
    The most preferred way of paying tuition fee is using GIRO.


  1. Which class will my child be admitted to, if moving from India?
    The child will be placed in the next class if he/she is joining in the beginning of the academic year. If the child is moving in between the academic year, then he/she would continue in the same class in which he/she is studying at present.

  2. If my child comes from India in the middle of the year, will GIIS admit him?
    Yes, GIIS will admit him in the same class if he/she is moving in between the academic year.

  3. Where can I purchase the school books?
    Schools books can be purchased from the Bookshop on school premises.

  4. Can school uniforms be purchased from the school?
    School uniforms are ready-made and available at the uniform shop located at Orchard Road. Details for the same can be received from the Admissions Office.

Faculty and Parent-teacher interaction

  1. Do teachers undergo any professional development workshop?
    Teachers undergo training courses and workshops on a regular basis, in order to enhance their professional skills. Teacher training is given a high degree of importance at all GIIS campuses, as teachers undergo a minimum 80 hours of training in one year.

  2. What are the teachers' qualifications?
    The teaching faculty at GIIS is highly qualified and professional. Each teacher, in a minimum, has secured a Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) qualification. Our teachers also hold Post Graduate and Doctoral degrees. The faculty of the Global Montessori Plus Programme have secured Montessori qualification

  3. How often are Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) conducted?
    PTMs are conducted once in every six (6) weeks.

  4. Is there any other way to interact with teachers, other than a PTM?
    GIIS considers parents as partners in the education process and parents are free to meet teachers, with prior appointment, as and when necessary. The school intranet portal, www.mygiis.org is the best way to interact with faculty members.


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