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  Principal's Message

“Children must be taught How to think, not What to think” - Margaret Mead

Start by doing what is necessary then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Every day brings forth new opportunities to learn more. At GIIS we are on a journey to making education more meaningful and engaging inside the classroom. We believe that each child is unique and gifted and a child’s capacity to learn and create is infinite.

“If everyone is moving together, then success takes care of itself,” the entire staff of GIIS moves with a mission of providing its children with all possible facilities that help them in becoming good and successful human beings. We have always believed that “teach a child to experience and appreciate the real wonders of his country and the world; and you will teach him to grow the wings of ambition and soar…soar like a falcon towards the skies with feet firmly planted in core Indian values.”

We nurture the JOY OF LEARNING, where teaching is fun and learning is Joy, where excelling with passion is imbibed as a habit.

Teachers at school and parents at home are equal stake holders in holistic education and we both need to be partners in this learning process of your child. Our endeavour is to teach each one of our students to redefine success – not by the absence of failures in life - but by overcoming them.

I welcome you to a partnership which aims at moulding our children into national citizens with a global vision.

G. Anuradha Murthi
I/C Principal