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GIIS, HYD provides an optional facility for students to commute from home to school. This service is offered from various places of Hyderabad and secunderabad to the school. The buses are operated by experienced & trained drivers/attendants to monitor the children’s safe journey.

The school tries to provide a safe and comfortable commuting of students from home to school and back.

It is also a social responsibility of providing transport facility, the following are the advantages of using the school transport:-

  • School bus is very much safer than 3 wheelers which are mostly used.
  • It is safer in security aspect also because more children travel together.
  • It also helps to decongest the traffic, if individual or shared 3 wheelers are used the traffic congestion will be more.
  • It also helps in curbing the pollution levels which are already alarmingly high in city.
  • New buses specially equipped and fitted with speed governors, rear camera, first-aid equipment, fire extinguishers etc.


  • Bus charges are not included in tuition fees and are charged according to the zones.
    • Zone – I (Distance covering within 0 – 5 kms)
    • Zone – II (Distance covering above 5 – 10 kms)
    • Zone – III (Distance covering within 10 – 15 kms)
    • Zone – IV (Distance covering within 15 – 20 kms)
    • Zone – V (Distance covering within 20 – 30 kms)
  • The term for transportation will be 3 (Three ) months.
  • Bus charges are also payable during school vacations & long holiday periods.
  • For new admissions, care taker would need at least 3 working days to commence providing the service.
  • In case of change of residential address or pickup point, school should be notified via email or letter at least 1 week in advance, so care taker can plan for the necessary changes.
  • The care taker work’s out the most practical and reasonable routes so as to reduce the travel time. Generally they would not be in position to accept any personal requests for specific stops / timings.
  • Pickups are done from common point only and no individual request of home pickup is entertained.