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GIIS appoints school bus operators to provide door to door services for its Students.


1. Maximum travel time (from first to last stop) is 30-90 minutes.

2. Bus charges are not included in tuition fees and are based on bus zones.

3. Bus charges are also payable during school vacation & long holiday periods.

4. For new admissions, bus operators would need at least 3 working days to introduce the service.

5. In case of change of residential address or pickup point, school should be notified via email or fax at least 1 week in advance, so bus operators can plan for the necessary changes.

6. The bus operators work out the most practical and reasonable routes so as to reduce the travel time. Generally they would not be in position to accept any personal requests for specific stops or timings.

7. All buses are air-conditioned and are equipped with one to one seating with seat belts. 

8. A support staff /parent accompanies the students at all times. 


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